5 Most TikTok-Worthy Flower Fields In The World

Don’t miss out on these 5 picture-perfect holiday destinations.

Despite your best annual efforts, you might have somehow missed the coveted sakura season yet again this year. Don’t despair – while photos with the lovely pink cherry blossoms in Japan or South Korea are out of reach (for now), there are endless other destinations round the globe that can serve as gorgeous flower-filled backdrops for your Instagram Stories or TikTok reels. 

From lupins in South Island, New Zealand and tulips in Keukenhof, Lisse to lavender in Provence France, take your pick from our list of 5 destination recommendations that will add an extra pop of colour to your holiday experience and photos. 

The best part? Be it a spring, summer, autumn or winter getaway that you are seeking, there is a holiday spot just for you.


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Summary: 5 most TikTok-worthy flower fields in the world

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1. November – January: Lupins at Lake Tekapo, South Island, New Zealand

2. November-January: Sunflowers at Saraburi, Thailand or Khao Yai, Thailand

3. March – May: Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Netherlands

4. April-May or October: Kochia at Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

5. June-July: Lavender and sunflowers at Provence, France



1. November-January: Lake Tekapo, South Island, New Zealand

Getting there from Singapore: A 10-hour direct flight on Singapore Airlines to Christchurch, followed by a 3-hour drive to Lake Tekapo.

Starting from 30,500 KrisFlyer miles, you can redeem a one-way flight ticket to Christchurch, New Zealand*.



a woman with beautiful wildflower Lupins at Lake Tekapo
Credit: @whatdoesbassee



Picture this – blooms in dreamy hues of pink and purple lining Lake Tekapo, set against the dramatic landscape of the Southern Alps and glittering turquoise waters. It’s a sight to behold.

Lupins are usually spotted in the Mackenzie Basin region in New Zealand from late spring onwards. Head further south towards Glenorchy, and you will find that they are typically bright and yellow instead. Tourists, including brides and grooms to-be, flock to this popular wedding shoot destination every year for a glimpse of these flowers.



2. November-January: Saraburi, Thailand or Khao Yai, Thailand

Getting there from Singapore: A 2.5-hour direct flight on Singapore Airlines or Scoot to Bangkok, followed by a 3-hour and 2-hour drive to Khao Yai and Saraburi respectively

Starting from 13,500 KrisFlyer miles, you can redeem a one-way flight ticket to Bangkok, Thailand*.



the picturesque sunflower field of Khaoyai
Credit: @if_mikamami



If you’re looking to escape the tropical climate in Singapore without travelling too far, Thailand in its cooler months will be a much-welcomed respite. In the northern region, temperatures can “dip” to around 24 degrees Celsius, making it a popular destination at the end of the year.

During these months, farmlands are instantly transformed as the sunflower fields fully bloom. Lopburi and Saraburi provinces see one of the highest concentrations of these vibrant yellow blooms, with Khao Yai being a similarly popular stop for sunflower sightings. 

If you enjoy taking in the sights with horse and cattle grazing surrounding fields, head to Wang Muang and Muak Lek districts. Otherwise, enjoy a scenic train ride from Bangkok to Nong Khai, where you can sit back, relax, and admire the view of rolling sunflower hills during your journey.


3. March-May: Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands

Getting there from Singapore: A 13-hour direct flight on Singapore Airlines to Amsterdam, followed by a 30-min drive to Keukenhof Gardens.

Starting from 42,000 KrisFlyer miles, you can redeem a one-way flight ticket to Amsterdam, Netherlands*.



the blooming tulip flower field in Keukenhof Gardens
Credit: @destinationreal.insta



As much as 90 per cent of the global tulip production takes place in the Netherlands, so it’s no wonder that it’s the ultimate go-to destination for tulips.

The famous Keukenhof Gardens, also known as the Garden of Europe, is not only a tulip mecca. While it has over seven million tulips of over 800 varieties, it is also home to other flowers like hyacinths, crocuses, daffodils and more. 

The result? A euphoric explosion of bright colours blanketing the expansive grounds, and such a mood-booster that it makes it hard to leave. 

Keukenhof also celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, promising many special events and activities for visitors worldwide. 



4. April-May or October: Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Getting there from Singapore: A 7-hour direct flight on Singapore Airlines to Tokyo, followed by a 2-hour train and bus ride.

Starting from 27,000 KrisFlyer miles, you can redeem a one-way flight ticket to Tokyo, Japan*.



the stunning bright scarlet flower field of Kochia in Japan
Credit: @kienoheya



Hitachi Seaside Park is most famous for its baby blue nemophila flowers which fully bloom in spring. But even if you plan to visit in summer, autumn or winter, the park is a flower paradise at any time of the year.

Make a trip in summer and watch the park transform into a sea of vibrant yellows and pinks, thanks to the sunflowers and zinnias. Arrive in autumn and marvel at the scarlet kochia (another one of the park’s renowned blooms) painting the park red – literally. In winter, be greeted by ice tulips and Japanese plum trees. 

Magnificent floral displays aside, visitors are also treated to stunning landscape views, thanks to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Hitachi Seaside Park also has an on-ground amusement park – take a ride on the Ferris wheel to admire the lovely ocean view 100 metres above sea level.



5. June-July: Provence, France

Getting there from Singapore: A 14-hour direct flight on Singapore Airlines to Paris, followed by 4-hour train ride to Provence

Starting from 42,000 KrisFlyer miles, you can redeem a one-way flight ticket to Paris, France*.



the purple lavender fields in Provence
Credit: @pomsky_adventures_



Set your sights further on the South of France, and take the opportunity to visit one of the many sprawling lavender fields in this sun-drenched region. In summer, Provence is awash in the striking purple hue and sweet purple scent that lavender is known for.

Your options are endless but your best bet is La Plateau de Valensole, home to some of the best lavender fields in the region. Pick the right your timing right (usually in June and July), and not only will you be able to run down rolling hills of endless lavender, you might even find some fully bloomed sunflowers to admire as well.

As the fields are sunset-facing, the best time to visit is during the golden hour to capture the most majestic of shots.

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