+ More Joy When You Download This Lifestyle App

If you’d like to + more joy to your every day, you’ll be thrilled to find out all about Kris+!

If you’re a frequent traveller, chances are you’re always looking for ways to earn and redeem miles. But have you ever heard of an app that not only rewards you with miles but also offers you deals and discounts on lifestyle and dining experiences? Meet Kris+, Singapore Airlines’ lifestyle and rewards app that lets you earn KrisPay miles while you spend, pay with KrisPay miles, and even transfer them to your KrisFlyer account.

In this feature, we’ll explore the many benefits of Kris+ and how it can help you earn more miles, enjoy special rewards, and make payments with just a few clicks. From exclusive promotions to seamless payment options, Kris+ has got you covered.

Kris+ partners are everywhere

Kris+ has partnered with over 200 partners in Singapore, with a total of more than 830 outlets islandwide. This means that you’ll find something that fits what you’re looking for – whether it’s a nice restaurant for a date night, a new clothing label to shop at, or a new activity to indulge in over the weekend.

It’s all about enjoying privileges and savings

There can never be too many privileges and savings, can there? Not sure which are the best deals to take advantage of? Explore the privileges on the Discover tab – you can search for specific deals at certain partners, or you can view all the deals, and take your pick. Keep your eyes peeled and check back regularly – Kris+ launches limited-time promotions frequently, and there have been instances where members have earned up to 15 KrisPay miles per dollar!

The first step to earning KrisPay miles

Simply scan the Kris+ QR code at participating Kris+ partner outlets to pay for your purchases with your credit card. You can choose to pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay, with a Mastercard or Visa that’s linked as the primary card. Once the transaction is complete, check your mobile wallet, and voila, you’ll see the KrisPay miles you’ve just earned. 

+ even more KrisPay miles to your mobile wallet

Need more KrisPay miles for that upcoming weekend of fun? You have the option to transfer your KrisFlyer miles to your KrisPay wallet – just tap on the Transfer option which is found in the Wallet tab. If you’re a CitiBank, DBS or UOB cardholder, it’s even easier for you to amass KrisPay miles because you’re able to convert bank points instantly.

When you’ve enough to pay with KrisPay miles

It’s super easy. Instead of paying with cash, debit card, or credit card, simply open the app, scan the Kris+ QR code at the partner outlet, and key in the amount you’d like to pay with KrisPay miles. Follow the steps on your screen to proceed with payment, and you’ll see a success screen when your transaction has been completed!

Transferring your KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer

If you’re wondering whether there’s the option to earn with KrisPay, and transfer the miles to KrisFlyer – there is! When you’ve successfully earned KrisPay miles at one of Kris+’s many partner outlets, you’ll see a Transfer to KrisFlyer option in your transaction history. If you’re intending to transfer your miles, remember that you’ve 7 days from the date of transaction to do so!

Once you’re familiar with the ins and outs of this lifestyle app, chances are, you’d want to keep using it over and over again, for the many rewards that it offers you.


To + even more joy to your life, tell your friends who haven’t heard about Kris+, and share your unique referral code (found in your Account tab) with them for + 500 miles when your referred friend makes their first transaction!



Not a KrisFlyer member yet? Sign up with the promo code KF800 to enjoy 800 KrisFlyer miles as well as all that our rewards programme has to offer, and download the Kris+ app to + more joy to your every day.

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